A “Gentle” C-section?

A growing number of hospitals are offering a “gentle” C-section. Here is a short intro on how this procedure differs from a traditional C-section -a wonderful option to consider if a natural birth isn’t an option for you read more

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In addition, feel it is most important to add that the Golden/Sacred 1-2hrs straight after birth should be cherished, honoured & protected -not interrupted unless for medical reasons. Skin-to-skin allows for a time of adjustment to life outside of the womb in the loving arms of Mommy & Daddy, as well as so many other benefits:

• Baby’s heart rate stabilisers
• Warms the baby
• Baby feels secure
• Breathing stabilisers
• Easy access for breastfeeding
• Hears Mom’s heart beat
• Bonding
• Oxygen saturation stabilises
• Healthy microbiome formation
• Decrease in stress hormones
• Increases glucose levels (reducing hypoglycaemia)
• Regulates blood pressure
• Decreases crying & increases quiet alert state
• Increases relaxation

Full Frontal Celebs

“For me, it was like taking a megadose of iron, except in this case, the iron was generated by me, in my very own miraculous human body! What could be better?”


Mother’s Essence

In many ways, the way you feed your baby isn’t a huge deal. With access to healthy foods and good medical care, almost all babies will fare well, whether they are breastfed or formula fed; and no mother should feel shamed because she didn’t breastfeed.

That said, it’s indisputable that breast milk has some qualities that simply can’t be replicated in formula. After all, it’s a substance produced naturally by a human mother, made and delivered specifically for her baby. Besides having a healthy balance of all the basic nutrition babies need, breast milk is chock full of disease-fighting substances and antibodies.

For example, when a baby gets a virus, and the mom is exposed to it, antibodies are produced by the mother which are then passed on to the baby via breast milk. Pretty cool, huh? Studies have shown that breastfed babies are less likely to catch viruses — and if they do catch them, they are able to fight them off fast thanks to the tailor-made medicine found in their mom’s milk.

Take a quick glance at this lab-shot demonstrating the amazing powers of breast milk in action, proving yet again that breast milk is just as incredible as we’ve been told it is.


Slip-away from the Pre-Scholastic Pandemonium

Not much introduction needed for this angelic narrative capturing delicately-poised triplets snoozing in harmony. So hide-out in the bathroom, slip-away from the pre-scholastic pandemonium and remember the magic of the sibling bond…



GrandBaby Reveals

You don’t have to go far to find heartwarming content on the internet these days, but perhaps there are few things in this world as touching as the sight of a grandparent meeting their young grandchild for the first time – that moment when a face aged by decades of love lays eyes on the newest member of the family and floods with emotion.

So, in preparation of the upcoming season of family festivities, we’ve liked these best ‘grandbaby’ reveals. Click through to get hit by a wave of feels…



Trending Birth Photography

Birth photographers see it all: from the operating room of a c-section birth to a pool of water for a mom who wants to deliver at home. There’s little off-limits when it comes to capturing the precious moments of childbirth. But until recently, the placenta wasn’t typically part of a photo shoot. That’s changing: more moms are opting to keep their baby attached to the placenta for at least long enough to have the two photographed together.

“The placenta and baby photo is poised to be the newest trend in birth photography. I think people are interested in this photo because we rarely get to see a placenta, despite the fact that is houses and nourishes our babies for nine months, most people will never see one and if they do, it is after the umbilical cord has been cut and separated from the baby. To see a baby, side by side with her placenta and cord intact is a very unique perspective.”



Note: Placenta visuals in article