An Empowered Birth Is Possible!

We may not necessarily be able to control the circumstances of our baby’s birth, but an empowered birth is possible under any circumstances. Found two articles which will resonate with all Super-Woman undergoing their journey of pregnancy & birth…


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A “Gentle” C-section?

A growing number of hospitals are offering a “gentle” C-section. Here is a short intro on how this procedure differs from a traditional C-section -a wonderful option to consider if a natural birth isn’t an option for you read more

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In addition, feel it is most important to add that the Golden/Sacred 1-2hrs straight after birth should be cherished, honoured & protected -not interrupted unless for medical reasons. Skin-to-skin allows for a time of adjustment to life outside of the womb in the loving arms of Mommy & Daddy, as well as so many other benefits:

• Baby’s heart rate stabilisers
• Warms the baby
• Baby feels secure
• Breathing stabilisers
• Easy access for breastfeeding
• Hears Mom’s heart beat
• Bonding
• Oxygen saturation stabilises
• Healthy microbiome formation
• Decrease in stress hormones
• Increases glucose levels (reducing hypoglycaemia)
• Regulates blood pressure
• Decreases crying & increases quiet alert state
• Increases relaxation