“Down the hatch in one go with a big gulp of water…”

Encapsulation of the placenta is a process by which the placenta is dehydrated, powdered, popped into gel capsules and then returned to the mum. To eat. Down the hatch in one go with a big gulp of water. Now I don’t know about you, but for me a gel capsule sure sounded a lot more palatable than a fry up. But what reasons would there be to eat your placenta?

The placenta is a rich source of nutrients, hormones and all the goodies needed to create and sustain life. It is a package of goodness, tailor-made by your body for your baby. So, when you think about it, it makes sense that once it’s done its job, it can be returned to your body. Humans are one of the only mammals that do not eat their placenta after the birth of a baby, and while some people may disagree with me, animals are smart. They have instincts and inbuilt knowledge that we have diluted over the centuries in ourselves.

A helpful anecdote of a new mom’s encapsulation experience…




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