A “Gentle” C-section?

A growing number of hospitals are offering a “gentle” C-section. Here is a short intro on how this procedure differs from a traditional C-section -a wonderful option to consider if a natural birth isn’t an option for you read more

READ MORE->http://<a href=”https://www.livingandloving.co.za/birth/gentle-c-section”></a>

In addition, feel it is most important to add that the Golden/Sacred 1-2hrs straight after birth should be cherished, honoured & protected -not interrupted unless for medical reasons. Skin-to-skin allows for a time of adjustment to life outside of the womb in the loving arms of Mommy & Daddy, as well as so many other benefits:

• Baby’s heart rate stabilisers
• Warms the baby
• Baby feels secure
• Breathing stabilisers
• Easy access for breastfeeding
• Hears Mom’s heart beat
• Bonding
• Oxygen saturation stabilises
• Healthy microbiome formation
• Decrease in stress hormones
• Increases glucose levels (reducing hypoglycaemia)
• Regulates blood pressure
• Decreases crying & increases quiet alert state
• Increases relaxation

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