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I would seriously recommend it to any mom. In comparison to how I felt after my first birth, it’s made a huge difference in how emotional I am: I feel like my capsules have helped me cope better, manage stress, helped with fatigue and milk production. The only things I can think of that it hasn’t helped with is a bit of anxiety and making dinner!

  • Madelyn, mommy to Johann and Adriaan

I experienced a fairly easy birth with Thomas and I felt pretty good considering the massive adjustment that hits you in those first couple of days…I was really quite surprised by how well I felt -mentally, emotionally and physically. Yes, there were many challenging times, but overall I can say that I believe that my reserves were better than what many of my close friends experienced with their first babies. Perhaps it is all just a placebo effect, I can’t be sure, but I will absolutely encapsulate my placenta again with my second baby. If placenta capsules have even the slightest positive effect on my after-labour recovery, I am going for it!

  • Christinah, mommy to Thomas

I never took much notice of placenta encapsulation until I fell pregnant and then I found myself overwhelmed at all the information available. I found to be a practical, easy-to-absorb guide in understanding all things placenta related. Thank you for this resource and the effort you put into educating moms-to-be on empowering ourselves during and after birth. I enthusiastically refer all my mommy-friends to your blog!

  • Geraldine, mommy to Luka

I highly recommend Placenta Power because I was very happy with their service from start to finish. Their communication for each step involved was always clear and helpful. After birth my placenta was handled professionally and I received my placenta capsules in good time. I am so grateful that this time round I did not experience issues with milk supply and baby blues, like with my first child. I really think that without the capsules, I would not have coped.

  • Thuli, mommy to Zinzi and Buhle

The difference from my other newborns has been remarkable, even though I am older this time round (5 years difference). I cope better with the lack of sleep and when I do feel tired, it’s not as utterly draining as before. I can feel that generally my energy is up and my reserves are better than before. This time round I can feel that my recovery is faster and I bounced-back better after labour. It is lovely to feel strong, especially with two other little-people to attend to! Apart from choosing to birth with a midwife, encapsulating my placenta was the best decision I could have made.

  • Sara, mommy to Sam, Evelyn and Joshua

At first my husband called it witch-craft but after he saw how they (my placenta capsules) helped me return to my regular cycle and boost my energy levels, he was sold.

  • Sanel, mommy to Katinka

When I first heard about eating your placenta, it definitely grossed me out big time! But then I did some research and found that encapsulation is more palatable than smoothies and many women swear by its benefits. Since the period after birth is probably one of the biggest life changes ever, I was willing to try anything to help me cope. Placenta Power delivered 182 glossy pills to my bedside on the day my milk came in and I haven’t looked back since. The placenta has all the right minerals and vitamins for your body, in its natural form. I felt listless if I forget my capsules and I can say that 6 weeks down the line, I am feeling strong and giving Maya the best of me.

  • Elizabeth, mommy to Maya

I definitely feel all-round stronger and more positive compared to my first pregnancy. I am grateful to Placenta Power for looking after my placenta so I could feel confident in pursuing this decision.

  • Hlelo, mommy to Karabo and Musi

Just a short message of feedback to say thank you so much for my placenta capsules! I am almost done with my last dose and I really believe that they helped me to cope during what was a very challenging time after my emergency c-section and little Robert’s time in ICU. I am also so glad for the placenta tincture because it will be of support to Robert as he grows big and strong!

  • Iris, mommy to Robert

After giving birth to my first two babies, I felt exhausted all the time and weepy (hormonal), despite the fact that I had great family support. Now with Shay’s birth I became aware of the option to encapsulate my placenta. The difference is chalk and cheese! I really feel like I recovered better – body and mind, despite having a busy school schedule with Robyn in grade 2 and Alex in Grade 0, plus I’m practically a decade older than before! I belief that the benefits from consuming my placenta did make all the difference indeed.

  • Melanie, mommy to Robyn, Alex and Shay

As a first-time mommy, I just couldn’t make enough milk to feed Jenny. After the birth of my second child I decided to try placenta encapsulation in the hope that it may possibly make a difference. I was pleasantly surprised to have more than enough milk and then some to freeze after pumping. We’re almost ready to meet our third precious angel and I am excited to get my happy pills.

  • Judi, mommy to Jenny, Julia and Jack

I was concerned about postpartum depression with being a first-time mom so I did a lot of reading up about ways to cope better after birth. My sister helped with research because where she lives in Australia, encapsulating one’s placenta is an extremely popular method to address anxiety and baby blues. I decided to try placenta encapsulation and while I didn’t necessarily experience any immediate effects, I did not feel moody, apprehensive or blue. Following my initial period after birth, I would pop my pills on days I was feeling a little fragile and it did seem that I ended up coping better, with more reserves. I like to be proactive and I am definitely not a hippy but choosing to encapsulate made sense.

  • Alexis, mommy to Daphne

A big than-you to Placenta Power for a seamless and discrete service. As an advocate I appreciated the fact that I could exercise my freedom of choice to try encapsulation even though my gynae and some friends thought it weird. With a regular dose of placenta pills, I felt a tide of constant energy inside me, an overall sense of calmness and I do feel like my body recovered a lot faster than I had expected.

  • Susan, mommy to Jonathon

Thanks Placenta Power – you outpriced the rest and kept us informed every step of the way. It was comforting to know that your professional service meant that my placenta was in safe hands.

  • Dominique, mother to Adriano and Maria

As an anemic, I was anxious about birth and the first couple of weeks thereafter, being traumatically draining on my energy reserves. With nothing to lose, we thought that we would give placenta encapsulation a try. I can say without a doubt that when my capsules kicked-in, my post-natal bleeding was less, my recovery was faster and my body felt stronger and better able to cope.

  • Ashleigh, mommy to Peter and Lacey

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